New Wine RayZyn varieties
Wine RayZyn Co., Napa, Calif.
(707) 251-1600

Joining Wine RayZyn’s CabernayZyns are two new varieties of the snack made from hand-harvested wine grapes: MerlayZyns and ChardonayZyns.

RayZyns are made with the skin and seeds intact to provide fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. The seeds are toasted and caramelized during a special drying process, giving each RayZyns a delicious crunch.

Wine RayZyn co-founder Andrew Cates says CabernayZyns, made from Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes, “taste like a pocket of cabernet jam wrapped around a toasted pine nut.” On ChardonayZyns, made from Chardonnay wine grapes, Cates calls them, “nature’s gummy bear” and “with taste notes of toasted caramel, apricot, crème Brule and green apple.” Other flavors from The RayZyn Wine Company include Merlayzyns, from Merlot wine grapes, and Dark Chocolate-Covered RayZyns.

Ingredients (ChardonayZyns): Dried chardonnay grapes with seeds and stems.

S.R.P. (8 oz.): $10