Chuao bar

Breakfast-inspired Chocolate Bars
Chuao Chocolatier, San Diego, Calif.
(888) 635-1444

Inspired by America’s love of breakfast, Chuao is releasing two new breakfast-themed chocolate bars. The Cinnamon Cereal Smooch is a “deluxious” mix of milk chocolate and bits of all-natural cinnamon toast cereal, while the Strawberry Waffle Wild offers a combination of tart dried strawberries and crispy waffles. These bars join an existing line of 14 other chocolate bars and remind snackers that the first meal of the day can be the best.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (41% cacao, cacao butter, sugar, dehydrated milk, soy & sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla), cinnamon cereal (whole grain wheat, sugar, rice flour, canola oil and/or sunflower oil, fructose, contains 2% or less of: maltodextrin, dextrose, salt, calcium carbonate, cinnamon, soy lecithin, trisodium phosphate, annatto and caramel color, natural flavor).

S.R.P.: (2.8 oz.) $6