Known for its consistent and superior quality, the Merckens brand of premium chocolate and Rainbow coatings have become a top choice among discerning chocolate retail confectioners for more than 85 years. 

Available in white, blue, green, orange, orchid, peach, pink, red and yellow, Merckens Rainbow color wafers and compound coatings will turn your creations into eye-catching and mouthwatering works of art. We’ve made it easy to create more than 70 additional colors by mixing our standard colors with the help of our simple Color Magic Chart. And to give your creations even more consumer appeal, our Rainbow coatings are available in multiple flavor profiles—including dark and milk chocolate.

The confectionery applications for Merckens Rainbow color wafers and compound coatings include solid moulding, panning, decorating and enrobing centers. They give you the opportunity to add extra flavors and attention-getting colors to chocolates, candies and other confections.

In addition, our experienced teams of sales, customer service and product development specialists are available to lend their expert assistance.


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