Mars Wrigley has introduced springtime varieties under its signature brands, including M&M’S, Dove, Starburst and Skittles.

Available products include:

M&M’S Milk Chocolate Honey Graham

M&M’S Milk Chocolate Honey Graham has a crispy center and honey graham flavoring with a colorful milk chocolate candy shell.

M&M’S White Chocolate Key Lime Pie

These M&M’S feature a key lime pie-flavored white chocolate center surrounded by green and white candy shells.

Dove Promises Milk Chocolate Waffle Cone

Dove Promises Milk Chocolate Waffle Cone features waffle-cone flavored milk chocolate with caramelized notes and vanilla cookie pieces. They are wrapped individually in bright spring foils with an uplifting message on the inside.

Starburst Very Berry Jelly Beans

Starburst Jelly Beans come in Original, FaveReds and now Very Berry flavors. These jelly beans offer a chewy texture and include Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry flavors.

Skittles Jelly Beans

Bright and colorful, new Skittles Jelly Beans are available in five original flavors including Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grape.