The Coalition for Sugar Reform has launched a new website,

The group, comprised of food manufacturers, consumer advocates and business organizations, aims to educate members of Congress and the Administration about the real effects of current sugar policies on U.S. jobs, consumers, trade opportunities and the environment.

Specifically, the group would like to see reform to the pricing methods for sugar in the United States, where it currently is subject to price controls, tariffs and import quotas.

“The current U.S. sugar program continues to hurt American jobs, increase grocery prices, stifle global trade opportunities and harm the environment,” says Larry Graham, chairman of the Coalition for Sugar Reform and president of the National Confectioners Association. “The time for reform is now. We developed this site to unite our voice online and activate our grassroots efforts to educate lawmakers, stakeholders and citizens across the country about the importance of reform for U.S. sugar policy.”

Features of the site include:

·Why Reform:Detailed information on the true costs of the sugar program– on consumers, taxpayers, manufacturersand the environment.
·Sugar-using Jobs Map:Features a map that shows the number of sugar-using jobs by state.
·Contact Congress:Visitors can contact their members of Congress directly through the site.
·Resources:A clearinghouse of information on U.S. sugar policy, including an overview of current sugar reform legislation, economic studieson the impact of the sugar program and issue backgrounders and fact sheets.
·News:Includes press releases and statements, photos and videosfrom the Coalition for Sugar Reform, a calendar of upcoming events, current newsrelated to sugar policy, and more.

For more information,