American Licorice Co. has released a new commercial to celebrate the launch of its new Sour Punch Rainbow Straws, featuring a brand new lemon flavored straw.

The 15-second commercial is called "The Match," in which two bored teenagers are the only spectators of an awkwardly lackluster wrestling match. The show goes from mundane to extreme when the teens break open a pack of Sour Punch Rainbow Straws and a masked wrestler suddenly appears to save the day.

The spot introduces the company's new #PunchUp campaign, which shows that Sour Punch candies can "punch up" any situation to make it exciting and enjoyable.

"Last year’s introduction of Sour Punch Assorted Bites has been amazingly well received, demonstrating there is a definite demand among sour candy consumers for a variety of flavors in one pack," says Kristi Shafer, director of marketing.

The Sour Punch Rainbow Straws featured in the commercial come in a multi-flavor assortment pack with strawberry, green apple, blue raspberry and the new lemon flavor.

The straws are currently available at Target nationwide and will be sold by other retailers in coming months.

American Licorice also is promoting the straws with sampling events across the country and in-game advertising through a partnership with Electronic Arts.

The straws are available in 2-oz. and 4.5-oz. trays, at a suggested retail price of $0.89 - $1.59.