CocoAndre chocolate Dallas Texas
Texas shaped like chocolate sits on display at CocoAndre, one of the chocolate shops Candy Industry visited while in Dallas. All photos by Assocaite Editor Crystal Lindell. 

Candy Industry recently visited Dallas during an ECRM Winter Confectionery Conference (be sure to check out coverage of the new products and the Kid’s choice awards), and while in town, I toured three incredible local chocolate shops.

Jeanine Stevens, who owns Dallas by Chocolate, a taste tour service in the city, was the guide for the adventure. She started the company late last year, and after a rocky start, she tweaked her business model just enough to start selling out tours.

“We taste the samples, shop, learn how it’s made  — a lot of really cool things,” she explains.

Our adventure started at a shop Stevens called, “the hip place in town" ....

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