A new flexible depositing system capable of producing a wide range of hard candy, soft candy and lollipops at outputs up to 54kg/hr (119 lbs./hr) has been introduced by Baker Perkins. The ServoForm Mini brings the benefits of depositing to companies producing confections — including nutraceutical produicts — in small batches. It is also an ideal development tool for established producers.

The range of product possibilities includes hard candy, lollipops, jellies, gummies, caramels, fudge and fondant. The ServoForm Mini is ideal for functional and medicated products such as vitamin and mineral supplements, cough candy and throat pastilles. Moreover, the candies can be made with sugar or be sugar-free.

Simplicity of operation and flexibility are key benefits. Control of the depositing process is fully automatic with recipe storage and recall, enabling the depositor to be set up at the touch of a button.

Batch or continuous cooking may be used. Moulds are loaded manually onto an indexing conveyor that is synchronized with the depositing head to ensure that the cooked syrup is placed accurately into the mould with no waste. Cooling can be ambient or refrigerated, using either rack or tunnel coolers. The candies are then demoulded by hand and passed to the wrapping station.

Compared to conventional methods such as die forming, starch mogul or cut-and-wrap, depositing provides a high quality, smooth product with accurate weight, size and shape characteristics. The process offers rapid payback through minimal scrap, low production costs and hygienic operation.

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Chocolate coating and varnishing economically

The LogiC 252 Automatic Coating Pan from Tournan-en-brie, France-based Dumoulin allows chocolate coating and varnishing in the same pan. This machine is for smaller, fully automatic batch sizes allowing maximum flexibility at an optimum price-performance ratio.

The unit is capable of handling and spraying fine droplets of all types of chocolate, compound and yogurt masses. The system is designed to work with a wide range of temperatures, fat content and viscosities. LogiC also features a shallow product bed depth for careful handling of the product.  The elongated drum provides better mixing with adequate center exposure for ventilation and the homogeneous distribution of coating solutions. A fast unloading trap system allows the start of a new batch quickly and the final product is loaded directly into Eurobin containers for easy handling.

Dumoulin manufactures a complete range of automatic high-capacity panning systems in batch sizes up to 6,600 lbs. One important advantage of a Dumoulin machine is its innovative design resulting in the smallest bed depth of any similar unit. This, in turn, means that all Dumoulin drums are gentle on delicate centers. Shallow bed depth also increases the amount of surface area in contact with freshly conditioned air. This reduces the processing time that allows the coating to be distributed very quickly and evenly over all centers. 

For more information, visit www.dumoulin.fr


Sanitizing solution for flow wrappers

Cavanna Packaging Group, a global turnkey supplier of flow wrapping and secondary packaging systems for the food industry, is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Sanitary Design and Caustic Washdown flow wrapper and flow wrapping system.

This system, including the host flow wrapper, can be washed down with caustic foaming chemicals and warm water rinse. This system was designed for food plants such as bar lines and bakery products where nuts or other allergens products are made. No longer do food manufacturers need to manually wipe down flow wrappers and flow wrapping systems, hoping they are clean and will provide their customers with safe food. Our new washdown system can be cleaned quickly and aggressively with the use of caustic chemicals and a warm water rinse.

For more information, visit www.cavanna.com