ECRM has transformed its brand identity with an updated, modernized logo, signifying a new era for the company.

ECRM has been bringing together buyers and sellers since the company was founded in 1994. In an ever-evolving marketplace, ECRM has been enhancing its business and processes to better serve its customers in today's increasingly fast‑paced digital age. 

With the increasing number of new product launches and category disruptions occurring each year, staying ahead of innovation has never been more important — or more challenging. To help its customers successfully navigate these challenges, ECRM has transformed its service offering into a technology‑enabled and high‑touch suite of category management support solutions that deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness to the buying and selling process.

"ECRM's consultative approach results in a much more tailored experience for buyers attending its category programs, which delivers me a productive schedule of appointments with a diverse array of qualified suppliers," said Kenneth Hausmann, senior category manager - dairy, frozen & bulk foods at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. "In addition, ECRM's RangeMe platform is a perfect digital complement to these in‑person programs that extends our product discovery capabilities year‑round."

ECRM's new brand identity is a reflection of this transformation and the company's dedication to serving its customers' needs via technology and enhanced services:

Technology-Enabled Offering: To expand its capabilities, ECRM acquired RangeMe in May 2017 and has been integrating the product discovery platform's powerful functionality into its category programs and everyday processes. The RangeMe platform allows buyers to search and access more than 150,000 suppliers, making it an essential category management tool. This online functionality seamlessly augments ECRM's category programs by expanding its reach, facilitating communication and leveraging proprietary data to drive decision‑making capabilities.

High-Touch Services: ECRM differentiates itself through continuous engagement with its customers via a large, service‑oriented Client Success team. The team's capabilities have been enriched with a revamped menu of category management support services specifically designed to better align buyer needs and objectives with supplier capabilities. The customer centric approach and on-demand accessibility of the Client Success team ensures more targeted and relevant connections and superior outcomes for category program customers.

"As a long‑time ECRM program participant and RangeMe Premium Verified member, I've experienced firsthand how ECRM's evolution has created more diverse opportunities and expanded ROI for suppliers like myself," said Shiv Joshi, managing director of Greystone Premium Organic. "Its category programs put us face‑to‑face with the right buyers in an incredibly efficient and intimate manner, and RangeMe helps extend our reach even further with additional exclusive opportunities to be discovered."

ECRM's new brand identity features a design that's strong, bold and modern, yet representative of ECRM. 

"ECRM has done an amazing job adapting to fulfill its customers' needs," said Greg Farrar, ceo of ECRM. "Now is the time for the brand to embody the company that we have become."