Haribo Juicy Gold-Bears

Juicy Gold-Bears
Haribo of America, Inc.
Baltimore, Md.
(410) 265-8890 

Juicing isn’t just a craze for the health-conscious anymore. Consumers’ favorite candies are getting juiced too.

Haribo, the well-known makers of the original gummi bear, has introduced its newest product – Juicy Gold-Bears.

“The Haribo Gold-Bears are the number one selling gummy item in the United States, so for us it was a natural line extension to introduce a real fruit juice version,” says Christian Jegen, president of Haribo of America, Inc. “ They’re actually an item that has been available in some European countries. They’re a tried-and-true item, especially in Germany. We wanted to give our consumers another option.”

Much like their predecessor, the Gold-Bear, these juicy snacks are bear-shaped and come in the iconic gold package known the world over. A quick glance at the ingredient list, however, provides the differentiation.

“This delicious new version contains more than 20 percent fruit juice, which enhances the flavor to create a sensational taste,” says Jegen.

The bears come in six juice-jammed flavors: lime, pear, apple, peach, raspberry and black currant. The flavors are decidedly European and a departure from the traditional Gold Bears, admits Jegen.

As always, the Juicy Gold-Bears are gluten- and fat-free and contain no GMO ingredients or artificial colors. Consumers can look for them on convenience store shelves starting in April.

Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice concentrates, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid, corn starch, fruit and plant concentrates, artificial and natural flavors, fractionated coconut oil, carnauba wax, beeswax coating, carob extract, elderberry extract, invert sugar syrup

S.R.P.: (4-oz. bag) $1.09 - $1.69