Chocotech, situated in Wernigerode, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of innovative and hygienically designed kitchens for the confectionery industry. The equipment range includes ingredient preparation systems, recipe-controlled cooking, cooling and clean-in-place (CIP) systems for controlled and economical kitchen sanitizing.

 Energy savings remain a constant consideration in the design and development of all equipment and the company offers proven patented systems that can be applied.  Completed cooking systems for products such as jellies (also medicated), hard candies (also medicated), caramels, fondants, chewies, fruit snacks, and aerated candies continue to be one of Chocotech’s centers of excellence.

The Jellymaster is a hygienically designed tube-in-shell heat exchanger and combined vacuum system designed for pressure dissolving of all types of jellying agents. The patented design allows for very precise in-house manufacturing and includes the use of special automatic orbital welding.

The unit’s low delta-t between steam and product ensures an excellent and very precise heat exchange. Its hygienic design allows for optimum product flow through the cooker, thereby eliminating dead areas. As a result, there are no black spots in the final product.

The same design also allows for an efficient and economical CIP of the system. It is also very easy to pull the center core, the tube bundle, for a visual inspection.

The Jellymaster is available in various executions and stainless steel types depending on the recipe, be it one using classical gelatin to combinations using various type of starches, from vegetarian recipes using agar agar, gum Arabic or carrageenan to those using pectin.

The system is also designed for use with medicated jellies with active ingredients or jellies with vitamins and/or calcium supplements. These sensitive ingredients can be added pre- or post-cook depending upon temperatures. 

In combination with the Jellymaster, Chocotech also offers the Jellymix unit for adding colors, flavors, acid and other ingredients. The system can be of gravimetric or volumetric design. For additional versatility, Chocotech’s portfolio include the Tornado, which is a continuous aeration system for multi-layer, starch-deposited jellies.

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