What do you get when you mix caffeine and chocolate? +90% YOY growth and $5 million in funding. AWAKE Chocolate, a functional chocolate brand offering natural energy (as much as half-cup of coffee per bite), has been continuously positioning itself for the next step in its rapid growth plan, and is starting to see results.

Btomorrow Ventures just closed a CAD 5M round of funding with AWAKE. BTV's Investment Director Lukasz Garbowski said: “Despite being one of BTV’s first investments, the partnership between Awake, BAT, and BTV has been a great example of corporate venture capital done right. This funding round is a testament to that, and we cannot wait to support Awake’s growth in 2023.”

As of 2023, AWAKE is in more than 12,000 locations across the US and Canada with more plans for expansion with new operating partners.