Cremer, a supplier of product counting machines in the U.S. for a wide array of applications, will showcase a line of hygiene-centric counting machines designed for easy wash-down at Interpack, May 4-10 in Düsseldorf. At Hall 15, Stand C20, the company will display its WD Series, designed for precise counting and dispensing of individual food products in a variety of applications where cleanliness is paramount, including poultry, meat, seafood, cheese, confectionary, and bread products. 

Counting food products by the piece is regarded as the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to modern weighing and pick-and-place systems for a wide range of products, as counting accuracy is not affected by small weight variations between individual pieces. Optical counting—as opposed to weight-centric quality control—guarantees that the net contents in terms of count is 100 percent accurate for both wholesale and retail packages. Optical counting also prevents product loss, avoids product wastage, and maximizes production efficiency.

WD Series machines are scalable for varying production levels. Compatible with all industrial packaging machines, highlights include a compact footprint, FDA-compliant product parts for processing both food and non-food products and streamlined tool-free disassembly. Other features include a product detection unit with 100 percent accuracy, hinged side panels for optimal cleanability, and vibratory plates for product transport and separation. 

Also at Interpack, Cremer will demonstrate its novel counting solution for gummy applications. The HQS 1250 Counting & Dispensing Machine was designed specifically for gummy applications in the nutraceutical and confectionary sectors. Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, Cremer developed the gummy solution in partnership with filler manufacturer Spee-Dee. 

Ideal for a wide variety of gummies in sugar coated, sanded, or traditional formulations, the 12-lane HQS 1250 counter can precisely apportion gummies of all shapes and sizes to a downstream bottler or single belt setup. At the show, Cremer’s single HQS 1250 will be paired with a compact Spee-Dee filler capable of producing up to 70 60-count bottles per minute, making it ideal for small to medium sized production runs or for those manufacturers looking for maximum flexibility.  

Importantly, the HQS 1250 effectively alleviates two common obstacles that gummy manufacturers and co-packers routinely face: accurate counting and filling at medium-to-high speeds. Traditional multi-head scales are not 100% accurate when filling by weight, and gummies tend to clog when filled into a small bottleneck opening. The HQS 1250 seamlessly streams gummies without blocking in the bottle neck while also ensuring accurate counts at high speeds.

Cremer’s HQS 1250 Counting & Dispensing Machine also brings benefits that distinguish it from competing counting solutions. For instance, its seamless integration with Spee-Dee allows for high-speed counting and filling with no clogs or jams, and offers industry-leading speed and accuracy and per-product customization. In addition, the HQS 1250 is delivered pre-assembled with all wires quick-locked for faster installation, and allows for quick, toolless changeover.