Nassau Candy, manufacturer of specialty and private label confections, today introduced the flagship products in its exclusive Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line. The range features peg bags of Clever Candy’s popular bulk gummies, offering a whole new way for retailers to merchandise and customers to enjoy.

Geared towards the super-visual Generation Alpha, packaging for the Clever Candy line is graphically engaging and interactive, and like the tagline says, is sure to “make your sweet tooth smile.” The peg bags feature the brand’s signature “splats” in vivid colors with the corresponding confections prominently displayed in playful poses. 

While customers are snacking, they can engage with jokes, or fun facts on every package, adding to the entertaining experience. All these elements forward Clever Candy’s mission “To spark imagination and creativity in every bite.”

The initial release of the packaged line will include twelve 4-oz. peg bags of the following items:  

  • Killer Sharks — Best-selling shark gummies in raspberry flavor.
  • Wacky Whales — Whimsical gummy whales with a berry filling.
  • Snappy Sharks — Raspberry shark gummies with a marshmallow belly. 
  • Sour Cherry Cola Bottles — Gummy soda bottles with cherry cola flavor with the shimmer of sour sanding sugar.
  • Sour Cola Bottles — Cola flavor gets refreshed in chewy cola bottle gummies with a shimmering sour sanding sugar finish.
  • Pucker Up Peachy Hearts — Gummy hearts in sour peach flavor with an extra shine and zing from sour sanding sugar.
  • Tart Twin Cherries — Exquisitely detailed two-tone gummies with a cherished sour cherry taste.
  • Bold Bestie Bears — Each bear sports two flavors: orange and strawberry; lemon and strawberry; apple and strawberry; and strawberry and strawberry sandwiching a marshmallow center, topped off with a sprinkling of sour sanding sugar.
  • Bitty Bestie Bears — Bite-sized gummy bears with fruit flavors like apple, strawberry, orange, raspberry, currant, and lemon.
  • Flashy Frogs — Tri-colored gummy frogs featuring the cherry, lemon, and cola flavors.
  • Trusty Turtles — Tri-colored caramel gummy turtles.
  • Ripe Apple Rings — Two-tone gummy rings in tangy apple flavor with shimmering sanding sugar.  

“The Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line was curated with our retail service partners without bulk capabilities in mind,” said Andrew Reitman, executive vice president, national brand confections for Nassau Candy. “Made up of an assortment of our best-selling bulk items, the Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line provides an opportunity for retail service partners to increase their confectionery offerings with skus we know will resonate with their customer base.”

This introduction is only the first phase of the Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line. There are already plans to expand as new trends, shapes, and products emerge. There will also be seasonal rollouts for all major holidays.

The Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line is in stock and shipping now. To check out the entire Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line, visit