After asking fans to vote between two options for November’s Sweet-of-the-Month, See's Candies has made both Milk and Dark Chocolate Coffee Scotchmallows available to fans.

In January, the California-based company asked chocolate lovers to submit ideas for its “What’s  Your Sweet Idea?” campaign as part of its yearlong centennial celebration. See's received tens of thousands of ideas, but after tallying the votes, Coffee Scotchmallow came out on top.

Last month, the company asked fans to vote again, this time choosing between Milk and Dark Chocolate versions of the treat. See's said it was too close to call.

"We value the opinion of both our customers and our employees,” said President and CEO Pat Egan. “When we surveyed our employees to see who was on Team Milk Chocolate Coffee Scotchmallow and who was on Team Dark Chocolate Coffee Scotchmallow, the choice wasn't easy. Our employee votes were almost exactly 50/50, which was amazing, but actually kind of makes sense. Our customers were also very split, and so we decided to let taste buds cast the final votes. Both versions of the piece are nothing short of fantastic, and I am thrilled that our customers will be able to enjoy both varieties, and give us the final score on who wins between the two teams."

Customers are encouraged to purchase and vote for which candy should be a permanent offering in 2022. QR codes are placed on the outer front panel of both product boxes so customers can eat, compare, scan and then vote.

Milk Coffee Scotchmallow and Dark Coffee Scotchmallow are available in a six-piece box for $10 in shops and online, while supplies last.

Mary See and her son, Charles, a chocolate salesman, founded See’s Candies in November 1921 in Los Angeles using Mary’s recipes. From the iconic checkerboard floor to the retro uniforms, each of See’s Candies’ 250-plus shops remain true to the company’s 1920s roots.

In preparation for the holiday season, See's will have additional pop-up shops opening around the country. The temporary locations are opening their doors soon and will run through Dec. 24, pending product availability.