Lollyphile’s newest lollipop flavors are sure to pair well with chocolate, cheese, fish and steak.

The company has just released its Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot Lollipops, although none of them contain any alcohol.

“We've been meaning to do wine flavors for a while now,” says Jason Darling, the owner of Lollyphile. “I don't know what took so long. They're maybe the sexiest lollipop we've ever offered."

The flavors are just the latest from a company that prides itself on releasing unique candy. Their other lollipop flavors include: Breast Milk, Blue Cheese and Habanero Tequila.

The wine-inspired flavors also are available individually or as a mixed pack of wines. The company also released several different mix 'n' match products, which allows customers to try a broader selection of candy at one time.

"People have been bugging us for that for years," Darling says. "Really, I have no idea what the holdup was. I guess it was some kind of mental block."

The company also updated its website, which features better navigation and categories, and a new logo.

Each of the product pages also has an instagram feed that allows Lollyphile's customers to post pictures of themselves to the website by adding a #lollyphile hashtag.

"We wanted to bring the promise of instant internet fameishness to everyone," says Darling. "Let's see what you all look like."

Lollyphile started in San Francisco in 2008, offering Absinthe and Maple Bacon lollipops. Since then, they’ve substantially grown their flavor list, and have moved to Austin, Texas.

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