Blue Cheese Lollipops

The company that brought the world Breast Milk lollipops, Lavender lollipops, and Habanero Tequila lollipops has launched a new flavor — Blue Cheese.

“It started off as a joke, and I was initially scared to try them,” says Jason Darling, Lollyphile’s owner. “My partner, Maria, wasn't [scared], and she instantly declared it to be delicious. Once I was convinced that she wasn't pranking me I took a taste, and I had no choice but to agree with her. They're delicious. I mean, if you like blue cheese. And who doesn't?"

Lollyphile is known for offering lollipop flavors that don’t exist anywhere else, from Absinthe to Sriracha to Salty Dog.

"Any company can make up a new fruit flavor," says Darling. "It takes a mad scientist mentality to make lollipops sharp, salty, and edgy."

Blue cheeses are often paired with honey, making the translation into hard candy an easy one, the company says..

Lollyphile started in San Francisco in 2008, offering Absinthe and Maple Bacon lollipops. Since then, they’ve substantially grown their flavor list, moved to Austin, Texas.

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