HARIBO is celebrating the 100th birthday of its iconic Goldbears gummy bears by creating an official annual holiday, National Gummi Bear Day, on April 27. 

In partnership with the National Day Calendar, the holiday will be celebrated yearly to commemorate the fun, joy, and playfulness gummy bears have brought to the lives of millions for the past 100 years. 

"We're excited to establish National Gummi Bear Day on April 27 in celebration of HARIBO Goldbears' 100th birthday," said Jeff Schoenfield, director of marketing, HARIBO of America, Inc. "For the last century, Goldbears have brought moments of happiness to fans around the world, and we want to celebrate this milestone through inviting everyone to smile with us and remember what it's like to feel like a kid in a candy store again. That feeling is a universal language that unites us all." 

This holiday is just one of the many ways HARIBO is celebrating the 100th birthday of Goldbears. Fans of Goldbears have been asking for bags of just their favorite flavors, and this year, HARIBO has released single-flavored varieties in Pineapple (clear) and Blue-Raspberry (blue). The company will also release a new limited edition single-flavor variety in Watermelon (light pink) for a limited time. The original Goldbears mix is also extra festive this year, featuring new Blue Raspberry birthday party hats, in new Party Hat Mix bags.