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Sanders has debuted a newly updated Boulevard Collection featuring new flavors as well as classic flavors. The collection now includes six assortments: Luxe Milk & Dark Assortment, Premium Dark Assortment, Classic Milk Assortment, Deluxe Nut Assortment, Crème Truffle, Majestic Mint Assortment.

Meanwhile, the collection also features eleven straight flavors: Pecan Titans, Milk Cherry Cordials, Dark Cherry Cordials, Cashew Titans, Dark Sea Salt Caramels, Milk Sea Salt Caramels, English Toffee, Milk Mint Meltaway, Dark Mint Meltaway, Milk Honey Comb Chips, Dark Honey Comb Chips.

The updated collection also features new boxes that come in three colors; charcoal, light blue and — in keeping with the Sanders tradition — a rich burgundy. The embossed background of the entire box is a design incorporating the historic Sanders family crest.

Ingredients: N/A

 S.R.P.: (10 or 14 pieces depending on the flavor)$13.99;(20 or 28 pieces depending on the flavor) $24.99.