Fresh-tasting pomegranate extract

Canadian R&D company Canagra Technologies introduced its newest line featuring pomegranate extract. The extract contains nutritional properties of the superfruit, including pomegranate’s cancer-preventing antioxidants. The ingredient is made from all-natural pomegranate, lending a potent flavor and vibrant color. The pomegranate extract also mixes well with confections, including milk and dark chocolates, truffles and soft and hard candies.

Ingredient supports bladder control

Frutarom’s Go-Less is a proprietary ingredient blend that promotes bladder control. It is estimated that 25 million Americans suffer from bladder issues. Go-Less combines the company’s EFLA 940 special pumpkin seed extract (pumpkin is a natural remedy for bladder problems) with SoyLife soy germ isoflavone extract. At the most recent SupplySide West show, Frutarom incorporated the ingredient in raspberry-flavored chocolates.

Mastertaste launches new superfruit flavors

Mastertaste recently introduced NutraFlavors, a brand new line of superfruit flavors that pack flavor and nutrition. The flavors, which include cranberry and grape, do not contain any artificial colors, solvents, chemically-modified food starches or synthetic preservatives. To maintain top flavor, NutraFlavors contain fruit juice, extracts and healthful nutrients from the designated fruit.