Fourth-generation, Sugarless Evoglass debuts

Symrise's new Sugarless Evoglass technology was created in response to the popularity of sugar-free products. Sugarless Evoglass works better in hard candy than previous generations of Evoglass because it melts at the same rate as the candy. This allows the candy to have a smooth, instead of "pitted," consistency. This Fourth Generation Sugarless Evoglass also has less color bleed in pressed tablets than past generations when held under high humidity. Sugarless Evoglass can also be used to provide a crunchy texture, mask bitter ingredients and extend flavor and sweetness in gums.

Gadot creates new sweetener

Gadot Biochemical is introducing a new, multi-purpose sweetener called NRGylose. This isomaltulose sweetener features a low glycemic index (GI), prolongs energy levels and avoids the erosion of tooth enamel. Because energy is released over a longer period of time, increases in blood sugar and insulin levels remain moderate. NRGylose can be used in candy and chocolate bars as well as products for diabetics.

Cargill sweetener gains formal recognition

Cargill's polyol sweetener Zerose erythritol has received formal recognition from all European Union Member States as an officially approved sweetener and food additive. Beginning on February 15, 2008, EU States were required to acknowledge the laws, regulations and administrative provisions in order to gain the right to use the sweetener. Zerose erythritol is tooth-friendly and low in calories with a higher digestive tolerance than other polyols. The sugar alternative can be used on its own or combined with gum, desserts, chocolates and other confectionery items.