Cargill presents its lecithin grading system

Cargill is introducing its “Lecithin Quality Toolbox.” The “toolbox” will act as a grading system of lecithin so that customers can choose which quality they need. Because quality requirements vary for different customers, there are four grades of lecithins: Standard, High, Premium and FQ-MaxX. These choices will allow customers to be cost effective while producing quality products.

Ingredients promote long-lasting gum, candy

LycoRed, Israel, developed a new line of slow-release ingredients that also act as artificial sweeteners. These ingredients will be particularly important for gum and chewy candy manufacturers not only because they rely on long-lasting ingredients, but also because sugar-free gum and candy are so popular. The three artificial sweeteners LycoRed offers are SucraCote sucralose, AsparCote aspartame and AcesuCote acesulfam K. They also offer CapsuDar Malic Acid, which allows the slow release of sour flavors.

Natural sweeteners enhance recipes

Alfred L. Wolff Honey (Germany) offers honey and agave syrup as natural sweeteners. Organic honey can have either a neutral or honey taste which customers can choose between to fit their recipe. Organic agave syrup has a neutral taste that does not change the flavor of a recipe, but emphasizes the taste of the finished product. These organic sweeteners can be used in cereals, baked goods, dairy products, beverages, snacks and more.