Cheez-It has launched Loaded Popcorn packed with the distinctive taste of 100 percent real cheese.

"Even though our Cheez-It Original crackers are a tried-and-true classic, our innovation team is always looking for new ways to bring our fans their favorite 100 percent real cheese flavor in different snack forms," said Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It. "When it comes to popcorn, the team knew it was due for a cheesier plot twist and delivered with their newest flavor-filled creation."

Available for a limited time only, Cheez-It Loaded Popcorn brings the delicious taste of Cheez-It to the poppable snack. The product is available in two varieties:

Cheez-It Loaded Cheddar Popcorn: The distinctive flavor of 100 percent real cheese in the form of light and airy popcorn. 

Cheez-It Loaded White Cheddar Popcorn: Made with 100 percent real cheese that has been carefully aged for a smooth, creamy taste.

Cheez-It has partnered with Jesse Metcalfe to launch the product. Metcalfe is known for his romantic comedy roles, and the company partnered with him to celebrate his love of "Reel Cheez" by sharing why cheesy movies are his favorite genre and how Cheez-It Loaded Popcorn completes any movie night setup.

"There's nothing quite like the feeling you get while watching a cheesy movie," Metcalfe said. "With makeover montages, seemingly-unplanned-choreographed dance numbers and, of course, the promise of true love and a 'happily ever after,' the genre never disappoints. From pulling at my heartstrings to delighting my tastebuds, Cheez-It Loaded Popcorn is the perfect pairing for your next at-home movie screening."

Cheez-It Loaded Popcorn will be available on display at retailers nationwide for a limited time beginning February 2021, while supplies last. 

There also will be a Reel Cheez Bingo game @CheezIt on Instagram, and promotion on  @CheezIt on Twitter and

Cheez-It is owned by the Kellogg Company. Net sales in 2018 were approximately $13.5 billion, comprised principally of snacks and convenience foods like cereal and frozen foods.