Puratos Group has introduced its Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa sourcing program to Papua New Guinea. 
Cacao-Trace is designed to aid cacao farmers in implementing a more sustainable and environmentally beneficial harvesting model, as well as helping them produce higher quality chocolate. 
Following a successful trial run of the program in Vietnam, Côte d’Ivoire and the Philippines, Puratos has rolled out Cacao-Trace in Papua New Guinea. The first stage involved having 60 local post-harvest cocoa centers adopt a standardized fermentation process that meets Cacao-Trace’s quality standards.
Once the foundations for the program are in place, the farms will be continually monitored under Cacao-Trace’s guidelines. Later the Chocolate Bonus program will be implemented, which returns 10 cents to the farmers for each kilo of chocolate purchased, adding up to the equivalent of one or two extra months of minimum salary for a cocoa farmer.
Last year, the Vietnam and Philippines locations received $190,840 for Philippines and Vietnam through this program. These efforts are made to improve the positive impact of Cacao-Trace on the local community areas.