Candy Club is taking a trip back to the past with two new collections: The Artist Collection, beginning with Van Gogh, and The Decades Collection, beginning with The Roaring Twenties.

Customers can see and taste the most famous artworks by renowned post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. The limited collection carries four different candy cups sure to delight anyone with an appreciation for Van Gogh’s artworks, including: Starry Night (tart and fruity celestial gummies), Vase with Sunflowers (lemon chews), Cafe Terrace at Night (milk chocolate-coated espresso beans), and iconic Self-Portrait (mint green disks). 

In tandem with the launch of the Van Gogh collection, the first installment of Candy Club’s “Through the Decades” series is the Roaring Twenties, highlighting the dance and culture in America during that time period. The three candy cups included in this collection are All Dolled Up (assortment of peanuts, caramels, raisins, and raspberry and vanilla cremes coated in a mix of dark and milk chocolate), Puttin’ on the Ritz (cookie malt balls in creamy mint chocolate and speckled with chocolate chips), and Flapper Favorites (sour-coated gummy bottles sparkling with a fizzy cola flavor). 

The Van Gogh series is available to wholesale customers online and at retail stores for consumers. The Roaring Twenties series is available to wholesale customers, and consumers can order it at