Beyond Good is launching a line of 12-gram single-serve chocolates.

These bite-sized treats come in two flavors: Salted Caramel and Pure Dark 70%. The Salted Caramel minis are made with 73% Uganda cocoa, featuring notes of vanilla and apricot that’s complemented by pops of nutty, crunchy caramel sweetness. They’re available in a box of 50 “Genny the Giraffe” chocolate pieces.

The Pure Dark 70% Madagascar minis exude deep cocoa notes and a tangy, citrusy finish. They’re available in a box of 50 "Lenny the Lemur" chocolate pieces. 

Both products are available on Amazon and for $38.

With a 100% traceable and fully transparent chocolate supply chain, Beyond Good works directly with cocoa farmers to make the highest quality chocolate while paying farmers significantly more than the industry standard. Through manufacturing at origin in Africa, Beyond Good is able to address and avoid the biggest issues facing the industrial cocoa supply chain, including farmer poverty, deforestation and child labor.