Beyond Good will introduce three small-batch chocolate bars that highlight local ingredients and cocoa sourced from Madagascar on Oct. 1. 

Vanilla, plantains, and sea salt are blended into bright, fruity cocoa from Madagascar to create three single-origin chocolate bars. The new line will be available at Whole Foods stores nationwide and

The small-batch chocolate bars are made at origin in Madagascar within a supply chain that is 100% traceable and fully transparent. The brand works directly with cocoa farmers to buy premium cocoa and employ local Malagasy people at its chocolate factory. 

The bars will retail for $7.99 each. All bars include locally sourced cocoa from Abanja in the Northwest. Flavors include:

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean: This bar includes hand-scraped vanilla beans from Antalaha on the Northeast coast. Tasting Notes: A bright, lightly sweet chocolate with a warm, complex vanilla finish.
  • Plantain and Sea Salt: This bar celebrates the unique flavors of Madagascar with plantains from Eastern Madagascar and sea salt from Antsiranana on the Northern coast. Tasting Notes: Crisp, salty plantains complement this bright dark chocolate.
  • Fleur de Sel: This bar includes sea salt from Antsiranana on the Northern coast. Tasting Notes: Indian Ocean Fleur de Sel brings out this bar’s bright notes of red fruit.

“Brands launch new items for all sorts of reasons," said Founder and CEO Tim McCollum. "We launched our small batch bars to stretch and push a couple of boundaries. We wanted to stretch the concept of local sourcing, [and we] wanted to push the boundaries of how much flavor we could deliver to our consumers through a single bar of chocolate. "