Leisure, a kitchen stove brand based in the UK, has analyzed global search volumes to reveal each nation’s favorite and the world’s favorite chocolate bar.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner, Leisure established the average monthly search volume in each country for 291 popular chocolate bars. The chocolate with the highest search volume was then chosen as that country’s ‘favorite chocolate.’ In cases of tied search volumes, the chocolate that was first alphabetically was chosen. Data was pulled in October 2019 and search volumes are a monthly average from the previous 12 months.

“We all have our own personal go-to chocolate brands that we love to indulge in when we’re craving a sweet treat, which is why it’s so interesting to see the range of different favorites around the world,” said Vijay Bhardwaj, marketing director at Leisure. 

Taking the title for the most popular chocolate bar in the world is Cadbury Dairy Milk — the favorite in 78 countries including India, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. According to the Google search data, the classic milk chocolate bar has received, on average, a total of 466,680 searches annually. 

In second place, with over 816,840 global annual searches and a favorite in 50 countries, is the Mars Bar. The United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland searched most frequently for this classic bar.

Combined, these two brands account for 167 countries’ favorite chocolate bars, with Mars Bar being the favorite for 50 countries, and Cadbury’s chocolate (in some form) being the favorite fin 117 countries. Both chocolate giants were founded in Britain: Cadbury in 1824 in Birmingham, and the Mars Bar in 1932 in Slough.

The UK’s favourite chocolate bar, the Mars Bar, is known for its slogan: ‘A mars bar a day, helps you work, rest and play’. In the UK, it was revealed that the chocolate received a monthly search volume of 13,400, beating other favorites such as Lindt chocolate truffles, Ferrero, Kinder Bueno and Galaxy salted caramel. 

As well as taking the top spot with the classic Dairy Milk, Cadbury’s chocolates appear an additional five times in the Top Ten. Cadbury Caramilk is the favorite for 10 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, and both Cadbury’s Bournville and Crunchie are favourites for eight countries. 

“With such a wide array of choice out there, it’s interesting to see that some of the more plain chocolate bars such as Cadbury Dairy Milk and Tony’s Chocolonely Bar have made the Top Five most popular chocolate bars, showing that when it comes down to it, no matter where you’re from, it seems we’re all just looking for some great quality chocolate,” Bhardwaj said.


Rank Chocolate name No. of countries in which it topped searches Total global searches annually
1 Cadbury Dairy Milk 78 466,680
2 Mars Bar 50 816,840
3 Tony's Chocolonely Bar 10* 458,760
4 Cadbury Caramilk 10* 163,680
5 Lindt Excellence Bar 10* 109,800


* In the case of tied number of countries, the chocolate with the highest number of global search volumes was chosen