HARIBO of America has introduced a variety of sweet and scary treats for Halloween.

The company has released assortments featuring spooky shapes. They include:

  • Scaremix: As Starmix with a scary twist, Scaremix features classic HARIBO shapes in flavors including Watermelon, Blood Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Berry, Blood Orange Cola and more. 
  • Sour Vampire Bats: Pucker up with these bat-shaped gummies. Flavors include Sour Black Currant & Sweet Cherry, Sour Orange & Sweet Cherry, and Sour Green Apple & Cherry.
  • Ghostly Gummies: Find bats, pumpkins, skulls and skeletons in fruity flavors in the Ghostly Gummies bag, perfect for any Halloween celebration. 

HARIBO has also introduced individually packaged, COVID-19 friendly HARIBO Halloween gummies. They include:

  • Sweet or Scary Mix: Each bag includes treat-sized packs of Ghostly Gummies, Sour Vampire Bats and year-round favorite, HARIBO Goldbears. 
  • Trick or Treat Mix: Offer visitors a range of candy like Ghostly Gummies, Sour Vampire Bats and the classic HARIBO favorites, Goldbears, Happy Cola and Twin Snakes. Available in 80-ct. and 150-ct. bags. 
  • Goldbear Treat Mix: By popular demand, HARIBO also offers treat-sized bags of its No. 1 gummy, the original Goldbear.