The joined forces of Duyvis, Wiener, F.B. Lehmann and Thouet offer more than 400 years of combined experience in cocoa and chocolate processing, from “stand-alone” machines to turnkey processing plants for cocoa, chocolate, compound, and nut pastes.

From perfectly roasted beans or nibs, the down-stream production lines of Royal Duyvis Wiener are capable of processing cocoa to the finest chocolate or compound, using the latest innovations to make it suitable, sustainable and made according to a customer’s specific wishes.

Ball mill refining

The F.B. Lehmann and Wiener ball mill systems are available in a production range from a 2.5-kg batch unit up to a 6,000-kg continuous production system.

The vertical Wiener ball mills, recently redesigned, meet the highest standards and achieve an optimal grinding performance in the most economical way, both in capacity as in fineness.

The horizontal F.B. Lehmann ball mills are well-known for their optimal particle size reduction. These ball mills are very flexible, both in capacity as well as floor space, since their construction demands less building height.

Roll refining:

One of the main features of the latest innovations developed for the F.B. Lehmann five-roll refiner is inline particle size measurement. When required, the settings of the refiner will automatically adjust in order to guarantee the correct particle size distribution during operation.

This prevents downtime and therefore production loss, as the operator does not need to interrupt the refining process during measuring.

This five-roll refiner is standard equipped with two drives and can be executed with three drives, or even five drives to control each individual roll and thus obtain the most optimal performance for each recipe. The five-roll refiner works with a closed water cooling system, which prevents corrosion and sedimentation in the rolls. The hydraulic system works with low temperature, therefore it uses less energy and reduces oil leakages. As each product requires a specific crowning for optimal production, the company will test a customer’s recipe on its lab scale five-roll refiner, in order to calculate the best crowning possible.

F.B. Lehmann has also a special overhaul program for five-roll refiners from other companies.


Royal Duyvis Wiener offers different conching systems, providing the customer the opportunity to produce any type of chocolate and/or compound around the world.

Thouet dry conches are used to improve refined chocolate powder by lowering the natural water content of the chocolate components such as cocoa liquor and, where applicable, milk powder.

At the same time, the conche removes undesirable flavors that can be found in the cocoa liquor particles. The new Thouet RC and DRC series dry conches, available up to 12,000 kg/h, have more powerful drives compared to most other conches and this introduces more energy into the chocolate during conching.

The Batch Liquid Conche is a combination of a shear stress device and a very efficient film evaporator. The shear stress device temporarily reduces the viscosity of the mixture, thereby increasing the efficiency of the film vaporizer.

The Continuous Liquid Conche is the latest development in thin film treatment of chocolate, compound and cocoa masses in continuous operation and is specially designed for viscosity improvement, yield improvement, dehumidifying, treating and degasifying.

Roll refining or ball mill refining, continuous or batch, traditional or modern chocolate processing, Royal Duyvis Wiener offers the most suitable and customized solution based on possibilities and budget.

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