Yesterday, you thought that you had found the ultimate solution in chocolate processing.royal1

Today, you are not so sure anymore. Consumers worldwide have become critical and assertive. They want to know how their favorite chocolate is produced. In the past decade, labor circumstances, sustainability and durability became important issues on the global agenda.

Whether in a traditional or in a modern way, F.B. Lehmann offers the solution which meets the latest requirements. F.B. Lehmann creates high-quality and hygienic turnkey chocolate processing lines by using high tech equipment, respecting the international rules and regulations of labour, safety, energy consumption and safety standards.

A traditional F.B. Lehmann chocolate processing line, available as a production line from automatic ingredient dosing to pre-mixing and roll refining, ensures a chocolate process from start to finish. Fully automated systems for storage, transport, dosing of bulk components and liquids, transform ingredients to  specific chocolate recipes.

The recipe can easily be changed by the operator, through the PLC recipe storage buffer.  The pre-mixer feeds the line at the required capacity, producing three to four batches per hour. Highly efficient mixing agitators prepare a homogeneous paste, ready for further refining in the downstream equipment.


Stand-alone integrated roll refiners

F.B. Lehmann has developed an innovative concept for medium- and small-capacity applications by combining a two-roll pre-refiner with a five-roll refiner to create a stand-alone chocolate production machine. This new generation five-roll refiner with integrated pre-refiner is the ultimate solution for high quality fine grinding of chocolate for small- and medium-capacity requirements.


Q-choc chocolate processing lines

Royal Duyvis Wiener’s equipment has reached a high standard in the cocoa processing and chocolate industry. The company’s superior chocolate processing lines provide complete and innovative answers for today’s turnkey chocolate processing needs.

The alternative, so called ‘modern’ way of making high quality, real chocolate is to use the Royal Duyvis Wiener systems, offering a reliable technology in producing any kind of chocolate by using a simple, quick and efficient method.

These chocolate processing lines guarantee excellent and consistent high product quality, flexible production and a fast payback time. TheQ-Choc principle is the ideal, compact in-house system for the continuous processing of chocolate masses, compounds, coatings, bread spreads and an endless variety of fillings.


Continuous Liquid Conching

The newest development of Royal Duyvis Wiener Lehmann is the Continuous Liquid Conch. This completely newly designed equipment is a continuous production machine and can be seen as the ultimate combination of the Thin Film Evaporator, type TC from Royal Duyvis Wiener and the Thin Film Evaporator, type KFB from F.B. Lehmann. Both machines have a proven track record in the chocolate industry. After performing intensive and thorough trials, the company has combined the strong and essential parts from each machine, which enables customers to obtain high quality chocolate in one pass, with the combination of shear stress and hot dry air.

The chocolate has a sensory profile with the same perfect taste quality as our Batchwise systems and the renowned Q-Choc lines.

Another big advantage this process provides is that viscosity and yield value are significantly improved. This process makes that chocolate (and compound) production nowadays much faster. In addition, it needs less floor space and less energy. The excellent quality of chocolate made on the combination of ball mills and the liquid conch shows once more the strength and know-how of F.B. Lehmann and Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V.



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