Summer has officially arrived. To celebrate the season and its newly established 40-store and 40-team presence in North America, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse is sharing 40 ways to enjoy fresh Swiss chocolate through a new integrated marketing campaign in the US and Canada.

The campaign dubbed 40|40|40 kicks off this week and runs through late August with activation across in-store, retail partners, online, social media, influencers, and media with a call-to-action tagline to "discover 40 ways to enjoy fresh Swiss chocolate this Summer." Additionally, Läderach launched a frequent shopper fresh Swiss chocolate passport - available at any of its 40 locations for consumers to enter for a chance to win multiple chocolate prizes, including chocolate for a year.

"There are so many fun, unique creative ways beyond typical gifting occasions to enjoy chocolate all year long, especially this Summer," said Nathanael Hausmann, president, Läderach North America. "Whether it's making indoor or outdoor movie nights sweeter to complimenting a trip to the beach, chocolate lovers can visit any of our 40 stores across the US and Canada and hear from our 40 teams about more than 40 ways to enjoy fresh Swiss chocolate this season. Some of my favorite ways include enjoying fresh chocolate after lunch, dinner or during a summer day spent on a lake."

Läderach asked its 40 teams across the US and Canada to share their favorite ways to enjoy premium fresh chocolate this Summer. From self-appreciation, special moments with a loved one, close relative or friend to elevating the family or friend get together, Läderach's staff shared the following 40 ways to enjoy Läderach chocolate:

  1. Pralines and Truffles are always a delicious treat on the way to your favorite summertime destination.
  2. Going on a nice bike ride and stopping to eat Läderach as a treat while enjoying a scenic view.
  3. Savoring a bite of FrischSchoggi at the end of a night.
  4. Sharing and enjoying fresh Swiss chocolate over a bonfire with close friends on a chilly summer night.
  5. Surprising a family member, friend, or stranger to sweeten their day.
  6. Treating yourself to your favorite Läderach chocolate as you walk through the mall.
  7. As an afternoon treat when you finish a workout, work, or any task.
  8. At the end of the day to compliment the beautiful sunset.
  9. Bringing fresh Swiss chocolate to the beach in a Läderach cooler bag to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.
  10. Enjoying Läderach Tartufi on your way to the park– a sweet truffle inspired by a Northern Italian classic made with the finest gianduja.
  11. Making hot chocolate in the morning or evening by combining Läderach milk chocolate with some warm milk.
  12. Taking a small pouch of Läderach chocolates on your front porch and just enjoying/relaxing on a nice sunny day.
  13. Making milk chocolate covered fruit – from pineapple to strawberries.
  14. Satisfying that after dinner sweet tooth.
  15. While on a long boat ride with family and friends.
  16. Celebrating your best friends' wedding.
  17. With whisky on a cool summer night – the single origin Madagascar 64% Läderach chocolate compliments a single malt well.
  18. Binge watching your favorite shows while eating your favorite Läderach chocolate snacks.
  19. On a boat cruise watching fireworks.
  20. Making move night sweeter – with Läderach chocolate covered popcorn or savoring a single-origin chocolate tablet bar with cocoa from Ecuador or Trinidad.
  21. Attending an outdoor music concert in the park with friends.
  22. While sailing and taking in the relaxing vibes of the sea.
  23. Walking around and taking in the sights and sounds of NYC Times Square or your favorite destination of choice and enjoying Läderach's chocolate covered cornflakes as a sweet snack.
  24. With a loved one at home during a staycation.
  25. Enhancing an ice cream sundae with your favorite Läderach chocolate on top.
  26. On a cross country road trip with friends.
  27. Hiking with your favorite chocolates in a Läderach cooler bag.
  28. For any rainy summer day, a slab of FrischSchoggi is always a crowd pleaser with friends.
  29. Bringing delectable Läderach chocolate truffles as a party gift is always a must.
  30. With wine and Läderach dark chocolate hand broken FrischSchoggi or pralines – a perfect pair for any dinner, a picnic or party.
  31. Making the charcuterie board even more tasty at a family or friend's birthday party with Läderach snacking chocolates.
  32. Spiffy up a camping trip with Läderach chocolate tablet bars.
  33. On a roof top party in your favorite summer city destination.
  34. Enjoy a slab of FrischSchoggi with friends at a summer house rental.
  35. Compliment the end of the backyard party or clambake on the beach.
  36. After a nice long day at the lake while watching the sunset with friends and family.
  37. Celebrate a friends' birthday party with a whole slab of FrischSchoggi confetti.
  38. On a Monday when you need something sweet to start the week.
  39. 4th of July or Canada Day party – win over your friends or family with a 36-count box of pralines.
  40. And of course, enjoying Läderach fresh chocolate on a visit to Switzerland.