Baked by Melissa’s Bite-size Macarons
Baked by Melissa, New York City
(212) 842-0220

Baked by Melissa, the New York City bakery famous for bite-size cupcakes, is launching its first-ever non-cupcake product with bite-size macarons.

Melissa Ben-Ishay, president and chief product officer, created a line of six macarons in flavors that Baked by Melissa fans have come to know and love: Sugar Cookie, Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, Snickerdoodle and Salted Caramel.

These bite-size macarons are double stuffed with twice the filling sandwiched between two macaron shells and in many cases, there are two different fillings. The product is also gluten-free.

Ingredients: N/A

S.R.P.: $1 for 1, and under a dollar for order quantities of six or more.