Rips Bite-Size Rippin’ Reds and Bite-Size Watermelon
The Foreign Candy Co., Hull, Iowa
(800) 481-4311        

Rips has introduced two new treats to the licorice section. The new Bite-Size Rippin’ Reds are a sweet-and-sour sanded licorice and come in four mouth-watering flavors: Cherry, Wild Berry, Red Apple, and Raspberry. Meanwhile, the new Rips Bite-Size Watermelon are a sweet-and-sour sanded licorice that taste like watermelon. All Rips licorice is made with natural fruit juice. 

Ingredients: (Bite-Size RIppin’ Reds) Glucose syrup, sugar, wheat flour, malic acid, pineapple juice, artificial flavors, and artificial color (FD&C Red 40).

 S.R.P.: (4-oz. peg bag) $1.49