Spangler Candy Co., maker of Dum-Dums lollipops, is ending its Save Wraps program this month.

At different periods since 1955, consumers could collect Dum-Dums wrappers and turn them in for stickers, bracelets, t-shirts and other prizes. Save Wraps, the latest iteration of the program, involved collecting wrappers and redeeming them for points that could be used on prizes.

A notice on Spangler’s website says the program will end May 31 and encourages customers to redeem their points before that date.

Spangler spokeswoman Diana Eschhofen told CNN the company suspended the program in the 1980s but relaunched it in the early 2000s. The Save Wraps program relaunched again in 2016, when it became available online.

"We're ending the program to make way for new products and promotions from Dum-Dums,” Eschhofen said. “For example, this summer regular bags of Dum-Dums will include two limited edition Hawaiian Punch flavored Dum-Dums. It's possible that Save Wraps will return someday, but for now, we're taking a break to create new and exciting flavors and pops."