Longest tongue. Longest fingernails. Farthest eye pop. Sounds appetizing, no? IT’SUGAR sure thought it did. With a new line of Guinness World Records-inspired gummy treats, the confectionery company is breaking candy boundaries with broken world records.

Guinness world records

“The spirit and creativity that defines Guinness World Records shines through our new line of candy,” says Jeff Rubin, founder and ceo of IT’SUGAR. “It truly is exciting to be working with such a prolific brand that shares our love for the delightfully wicked.” 

The gummies encompass all sorts of records – from insects to facial hair. The full list of products includes:

  • Berry Blast Eyeballs
  • Cherry Tongue
  • Blue Raspberry Scorpion with Cherry Stinger
  • Green Apple Finger with Lime Fingernail
  • Orange Tarantula
  • Cola Mustache

“IT’SUGAR is the ideal candy partner for Guinness World Records,” says Jennifer Gilmour, publishing sales and product director, Guinness World Records. “Their brand is both daring and creative, just like our record breakers! We’re thrilled to see our extraordinary achievers depicted in such a sweet and colorful way.”

The gummies will retail for $11.99 and be sold at IT’SUGAR distributors nationwide.