Chocotech’s main focus at the interpack will be on energy saving, Overall Equipment Efficiencies (OEE) and hygienic equipment design. The company will also display at its booth for the first time a hard candy forming line from Nuova Euromec, whom they have been teaming up with for the past 24 months for complete solutions on hard and chewy candy projects

Among some of the new equipment on display will be the Sucrofilm 2000, which is the biggest thin film cooker of its kind, designed for cooking protein and sensitive type masses up to 3,500 kg/hr. The system can cook atmospherically, under vacuum or under pressure.

The new generation of Sucotwist for high-based starch jelly masses with also be shown at the show. In addition, the new hygienically designed Carastar universal batch cooker will run in CIP mode throughout the show. Chocotech will also show two types of the successful Ecograv, which has been extremely well-received since its introduction at the last interpack, with more than a dozen installations completed. As a result, Chocotech will debut the Ecograv Lite for nougat-type masses.

With regards to tempering, Chocotech will unveil its new stainless-steel space and energy-saving Tempering Belt for the first time at the show.

All of the units on display will feature the latest updates and innovations.

On the chocolate size of the business the ever successful Frozenshell will run throughout the show with real chocolate mass, manufacturing thousands and thousands of delicious chocolate shells. Integrated into the line will be the Chocoform PSL, lentil and egg former, showing the latest innovation that doubles the line’s throughput.


 For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth A07 in  hall 3.