ECRM Buyer's Choice

As has become the tradition at the September ECRM event — officially referred to as the Candy Planning: Everyday & Non-Seasonal — Candy Industry Magazine and ECRM hosted a buyers’ choice award again this year.

The candy show, held Sept. 14-17 at Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, in San Diego, brought together confectionery manufacturers and buyers from all over the country. Arranged like a sort of speed dating for the business world, the manufacturers each set up shop in a hotel room, while the buyers went from room to room in 10- to 20-minute to hear their pitches and sample their sweets.

And although everyone’s schedules were incredibly busy, nearly all the buyer’s found time to vote for their favorite candies this year.

The award is broken into three categories: chocolate, non-chocolate and novelty. And despite a number of seriously delicious entries, we can tell you from personal taste-test experience that all the winners are definitely worthy of the award. 

Candy Industry Magazine would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to the winners!  And we look forward to hosting the event again next year!


Buyer’s Choice Winners

Best New novelty

ECRM Buyer's Choice

Yolo, Mahwah, N.J.
(201) 252-8765

Each pack of KaDunks contains 56g (2 oz.) of candy in separate compartments; 31.5g of chewy candy dippers in 4 fun shapes, and 25g of candy sauce.                        

S.R.P.: N/A


Best New chocolate

ECRM Buyer's Choice
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Snappers
Edward Marc Brands, Inc., Trafford, Pa.
(412) 380-0888

These 6-oz. treats feature dark chocolate and creamy caramel with pretzels creating a new twist on the familiar Turtle. Sea salt sprinkled on top brings the treat full circles, merging together both the salty and the sweet.

S.R.P.: (6-oz. bag) $4.99; (10-oz. bag) $6.99


Best New non-chocolate (tie)

ECRM Buyer's Choice

Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Licorice in Granny Smith Green Apple, Berry Fusion and Tropical Blend flavors
Lucky Country, Lincolnton, N.C.
(828) 428-8313

These are Aussie Style Soft Licorice items in great tremendous new flavors, which come in new packaging for 2015 as well. This moves soft licorice out of the common flavors of red and black and into a new realm of exciting flavors with “more flavor in every bite!”


ECRM Buyer's Choice

Haribo Sour Gummies
Haribo of America, Inc., Baltimore, Md.
(800) 638-BEAR(2327)

The Original Gummi Bear now is now available in lip-puckering sour! They’re the same fruity flavors of the number one selling Haribo Gold-Bears — just more intense! The flavors include: sour raspberry, sour orange, sour strawberry, sour pineapple, and sour lemon.

 S.R.P.: $1.09-$1.69