Moonstruck Chocolate Co., a gourmet chocolate maker based in Portland, Oregon, is launching a product collaboration with Breakside Brewery, Pike Brewing Company and Sierra Nevada Brewing. 

The West Coast Brewery Collection is formulated with crowd-pleasing beers from the most loved breweries in Oregon, Washington and California, featuring Breakside Brewery’s True Gold Golden Ale, Pike Brewing’s Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale and Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing IPA.

As Moonstruck Chocolate continues to see success with partnerships such as the Willamette Valley Winery Collection and the Argyle Sparkling Wine Collection, Moonstruck Chocolate collaborated alongside these three breweries to blend their decadent chocolate with the robust flavors of craft beer.

“Moonstruck Chocolate is thrilled to be partnering with three of the best breweries along the West Coast,” says Joanna Hartvickson, director of marketing and product management at Moonstruck Chocolate. “By combining the flavors of chocolate and craft beer, we’ve created an unexpected mixture of creaminess and boldness that truly highlights each individual beer.”

The West Coast Brewery Collection retails for $20 and is available at Moonstruck Chocolate stores, online at, through the brewery partners, and at select retailers across the country.