Portland, Oregon-based Moonstruck Chocolate Co. has collaborated with 2 Towns Ciderhouse, a Corvallis-based cider company, to develop the Craft Cider Collection.

This collection features a blend of the timeless fruit flavors of the Pacific Northwest with a modern Oregon twist. It features nine chocolate truffles made with 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s The Bad Apple Imperial Cider, Made Marion Blackberry Cider and Easy Squeezy Raspberry Lemonade Cider. 

In the past year, Moonstruck Chocolate has released three craft collections prior to its collaboration with 2 Towns Ciderhouse, including the Willamette Valley Winery Collection, the West Coast Brewery Collection and the Argyle Sparkling Wine Collection. Each collection features Oregon-based companies and boasts the innovative flavors of Oregon’s wine and beer scene. 

By adding the Craft Cider Collection, Moonstruck Chocolate hopes to create a fully immersive experience, where the flavors of Oregon shine through each chocolate truffle. 

“Moonstruck Chocolate is thrilled to be working alongside one of the best cideries in Oregon,” says Joanna Hartvickson, director of marketing and product management at Moonstruck Chocolate. “This collection of truffles with 2 Towns Ciderhouse truly represents the best parts of chocolate and cider. We have been able to incorporate the high-quality flavors of 2 Towns’ cider, while maintaining the smoothness and richness of Moonstruck’s chocolate.” 

The Craft Cider Collection retails for $20 and is available at Moonstruck Chocolate stores, online at moonstruckchocolate.com, at 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s tap room and at select retailers across the country. The collection has a 2.25% ABV, so consumers must be 21 or older to enjoy.