Honey Mama's, the Portland-based maker of nutrient-rich refrigerated truffle bars, has introduced two new bars: the Chocolate Cake Cocoa Truffle Bar and the Birthday Cake Blonde Truffle Bar.

The two dessert-inspired offerings are the first to debut as part of a new Cake Series, available in-store exclusively at Sprouts Farmers Market and online at HoneyMamas.com.

The Cake Series redefines the cultural experience of nostalgic desserts. The brand's signature combination of clean and nourishing ingredients creates an indulgence that is now led by the Chocolate Cake with coconut-pecan frosting and Birthday Cake with rainbow confetti sprinkles.

The Cake Series also highlights innovation from the brand with the release of Honey Mama's first-ever cocoa-less Blonde Truffle Bar. Ingredients like organic cashews create a base that evokes creamy vanilla frosting, while superfood powders infuse shredded coconut confetti, offering the melt-in-your-mouth texture that Honey Mama's is loved for.

"Creatively, we were inspired by the feeling of joy and specialness associated with birthday cake,” said Honey Mama’s founder Christy Goldsby. “Our challenge was to create a clean ingredient version of this universally loved dessert, which led to the creation of the first cocoa-less truffle bar in our history. Our 'Blonde' Truffle Bar is inspired by the mouthwatering visual delight of birthday cake and frosting. What an absolute treat to introduce something so unique that captures the pure joy of birthday cake, while celebrating the nourishing superfood ingredients at the center of our brand."