With healthy snacking options on the rise, consumers still look for standard indulgences, according to a new report by Geneva, Ill.-based flavor company FONA International.
To learn more about consumers’ snacking and indulgence patterns, FONA conducted a nationwide study. Split evenly between males and females, 500 respondents took the online survey.
FONA measured indulgence through four categories: classic indulgence, indulgence as an experience, affordable indulgence and healthy indulgence. Half of respondents said they preferred classic indulgence, or as FONA defines it, “treating yourself, sinful decadence, nothing healthy about it, no reason to feel guilty.” Chocolate, ice cream, cake, candy, soda, beer and wine fell into the classic indulgence category.
That corresponds with Mintel data cited in FONA’s report. The market research firm says 62 percent of consumers snack to satisfy a craving, no matter the caloric intake.
Meanwhile, 10 percent of respondents said they preferred healthy indulgence, but FONA believes it’s a category to continue to watch. FONA pointed to the rise of thins, crisps, mini-portions and single-serving packages as options for consumers to minimize guilt associated with indulgence.
The occasion also matters to consumers, with nearly 30 percent of respondents saying they prefer indulgence as an experience. Cost is a lesser concern, with 11 percent preferring affordable indulgences.