Seattle Chocolate has debuted a new seasonal chocolate collection, Summer Scoops, inspired by the flavors of nostalgic ice cream treats and carefree summers. 

Summer Scoops includes three new truffle bars, three new two-bite truffle flavors, and gifts including ice cream-inspired truffle pints and two new care packages.

With a mission to delight people across the country with chocolate, Seattle Chocolate Co. (the parent company of Seattle Chocolate and jcoco, led by CEO and owner Jean Thompson) decided on an ice cream theme for this collection to capture the joy of eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Seattle Chocolate provides artists with a platform to showcase their original work, and Thompson tapped Philadelphia-based illustrator and designer Kendra Dandy to design the bright and cheeky recyclable truffle bar wrappers and whimsical truffle pints. The designs hint at the chocolate people will find inside the wrappers, all of which is naturally-colored using plant-based ingredients like alfalfa, annatto seeds, and raspberries. 

The Summer Scoops Collection includes the following new truffle bars, truffles and gifts:

2.5-oz. truffle bar flavors

  • Mint Chip: A green double distilled mint center with micro chocolate chips encased in a layer of 60 percent dark chocolate
  • Neapolitan: A three-layered bar featuring 60% dark chocolate, 30% cacao white chocolate, and strawberry white chocolate
  • Vanilla Orange Cream: An orange-infused white chocolate center with a naturally-colored orange shell

 S.R.P.: $4.75

Two-bite truffle flavors

  • Mint Chip: A green, double-distilled mint center with micro chocolate chips enrobed in a layer of 60 percent dark chocolate
  • Malted Milk Ball: Milk chocolate with a creamy malted milk center and malt bits
  • Vanilla Orange Cream: An orange-infused white chocolate center with a naturally-colored orange shell

 S.R.P. (12-oz. bag): $22


  • 4.5-oz. Truffle Pints: Inspired by classic ice cream pints and available in all three truffle flavors; $12
  • 12-oz. Truffles on Top Bag: A sampling of Mint Chip truffles along with mainstay favorites including Salted Almond, San Juan Sea Salt, Peanut Butter and Champagne; $22
  • Summer Scoops Truffle Bar Trio: All three new truffle bar flavors; $17.50
  • Everything But The Cone Care Package: All three new truffle bar flavors, Truffles on Top bag, and limited-edition postcard designed by Kendra Dandy; $42
  • Summer Scoops Care Package: All three truffle bar flavors, all three truffle pints, and postcard; $50

“This past year has only reinforced our dedication to brightening people’s days with chocolate,” Thompson said. “These new bars and truffles really taste like some of our favorite ice cream flavors, and we hope that every time someone unwraps one, they’re transported back to a special summer moment. We hope people have as much fun eating the chocolate from this collection as we had making it.”