IRI and PIM Brands, Inc. will continue to deepen their strategic partnership focused on driving success using insight from IRI’s full suite of solutions.

IRI’s integrated, point-of-sale and consumer panel data is valuable for small businesses in understanding changing retail and consumer outlooks and empowering companies like PIM Brands to innovate and capitalize on growth opportunities. The strategic partnership between the two companies has helped PIM Brands become one of the leading companies driving growth in IRI's and Boston Consulting Group's Growth Leaders Study six times in the past 10 years.

“For small and mid-sized companies, it’s imperative to understand consumer decision-making and the ever-changing CPG landscape to be able to identify pockets of growth and breakthrough opportunities,” said Dan Sadler, principal, client insights, IRI. “We are pleased that PIM Brands has experienced consistent growth and is able to anticipate and solve marketplace challenges using IRI’s technology-driven data and analytics solutions.”

Recent market challenges, including inflation and supply chain issues, have made it critical for businesses to better understand what products are in demand, where their customers are shopping and how much they are buying. IRI’s suite of consumer and shopper insights solutions provides PIM Brands with real-time data on brand performance insights, path-to-purchase decisions and more.

“Our long-term partnership with IRI has proven invaluable in understanding our business, our shoppers and our consumers,” said Josh Shapiro, chief marketing officer, PIM Brands. “Through both point-of-sale and panel data, as well as other types of custom work, we have identified actionable insights that help drive our business.”