The candy Mitt Romney mistakenly thought was dead is resurrecting an Easter tradition, the basket giveaway.Pop Rocks Easter Basket

Pop Rocks announced that it will host an Easter egg hunt website promotion from March 20 to April 8.  Pop Rocksfirst-ever Easter egg hunt promotion will offer an Easter basket, packed with a full variety of its flavored candies and an iPod Touch, as the grand prize to a randomly selected winner.  

Consumers can enter the hunt by searching for and finding four hidden Easter eggs on the website. Each egg contains a letter of the alphabet that — when arranged correctly — will spell out a secret word. After locating all four eggs and successfully identifying the secret word, participants can officially enter the contest via the official entry form located at the website along with visiting and “Liking” the Pop Rocks Facebook page.  
Both the Facebook page and the website feature games, fun facts, recipes and pop culture posts as well as up-to-date Pop Rocks news items and reports on brand activities and promotions.
For more than three decades, Pop Rocksarray of flavors and product offerings continue to be an especially welcome addition to any Easter celebration. Today, Pop Rocks offers a Cotton Candy Explosion flavor for consumers looking for an addition to their Easter basket.

— M.K.