Trolli has expanded its dark, quirky “It’s Trolli” campaign after last year’s advertising spots boosted sales and consumer engagement.

The Ferrara Candy Co. brand again collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy, Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling and Blinkink to launch the latest clay animation spots: Mouth Monster and Hiding Place. In these spots, Trolli worms take control to reach the ultimate goal in their short, sweet lives: doing anything they can to be eaten. 

David Foldes, senior brand manager for Trolli, said the brand's positioning is what sets it apart within the gummy candy category.

“While other candy brands position themselves as ironically funny, bright and bold, Trolli takes a different path,” he said. “Using a deliciously dark opening context, the experience of Trolli and the worms brings a neon light and levity through any situation in the form of a psychedelic, playful and uniquely identifiable world. ‘It’s Trolli’ has been a hard-working campaign for us in driving both sales and awareness among our target audience over the past year as evident in our engagement on social media. We’re excited to continue the momentum with this year’s new creative.” 

Since launching the “It’s Trolli" campaign in 2019, the Trolli brand has experienced:

  • Highest-level of consumer engagement on brand’s social platforms in the industry
  • 100 percent increase in engagement on social channels
  • 9 percent increase in sales for Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers with distribution up 9.5 percent
  • 190 percent increase in ecommerce shipments 
  • $12.8 million in sales for new Trolli innovation, leading with Trolli Crunchy Crawlers, which is on-pace to be the biggest innovation launch for the brand in more than five years 

This year, Trolli will also partner with PlayStation to create an exchange program. Gamers will help Trolli worms get eaten in exchange for a free trial of PlayStation Plus and other PlayStation prizes.