To address the critical need for food and personal care items in and at the borders of Ukraine, Frontline Impact Project, a social impact platform fueled by the KIND Foundation, is launching #FrontlineImpactforUkraine, its first initiative abroad.

The organization's participating companies, such as Harry's Inc., Kate Farms, Saffron Road, and KIND Snacks, are teaming up with Beast Philanthropy to deliver high-demand nonperishable food and hygiene products to those in need. Frontline Impact Project is seeking donations of goods to help sustain ongoing humanitarian relief to Ukrainian citizens and refugees impacted by the war.

In partnership with Beast Philanthropy, an organization founded by YouTube influencer Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, Frontline Impact Project has committed to delivering over 775,000 products to help the people of Ukraine. Beast Philanthropy has secured transportation to deliver the large-scale shipments, while the #FrontlineImpactforUkraine initiative has spearheaded donations from its community of companies — including 3,600 ready-to-eat meals from Saffron Road, more than 450,000 KIND bars, 275,000 shaving and personal care kits from Harry's Inc., and more than 50,000 plant-based nutrition shakes from Kate Farms.

"What we are witnessing in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis and threat to the free world that requires all of us to help," said Frontline Impact Project and KIND Founder Daniel Lubetzky. "Since we launched Frontline Impact Project, our community of businesses has continually adapted to be there for the bravest in critical times of need. We hope that our donations will bring some relief and hope to the people of Ukraine." 

Since Frontline Impact Project's launch in April 2020, more than 80 companies have donated 7.5 million products to support pandemic first responders, emergency personnel responding to natural disasters, poll workers, and Ukrainians impacted by the war. The initiative is gearing up to sustain aid to Ukraine over the coming months.