Frontline Impact Project, a platform created by The KIND Foundation, is seeking additional corporate donors to provide food, beverage, skincare and wellness products and services to healthcare and emergency response workers. Donors will join nearly 60 other companies that have stepped up to support frontline workers as COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations surge in dozens of states.

Frontline Impact Project provides a free solution for companies looking for a streamlined and agile way to direct resources during the ongoing pandemic. Donors have access to hundreds of vetted institutions in need, including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and EMS squads. The platform, which first launched in April, offers maximum flexibility in the face of great uncertainty and unprecedented disruptions to both supply and demand. Donors are not required to commit a certain quantity of products nor do they have to sign on for a set amount of time. Additionally, they can micro-target their giving in a variety of ways, including by geography and type and size of institution. 

According to a recent survey of frontline institutions, 100 percent of respondents said that their workers still have many needs beyond PPE. Of those surveyed, more than half said that they need food and beverages, and one-in-five said that personal care and wellness products would greatly benefit their frontline staff. Other commonly cited needs included disinfectant, sanitizer, mental health support, and housing and transportation.

“Frontline institutions have told us that their workers are sacrificing their own needs as they care for others, which is causing fatigue and burnout at scale,” said Michael Johnston, president, The KIND Foundation. “The corporate community’s response has been extraordinary, but unfortunately the situation calls for more as the virus reaches new communities nationwide. We invite companies of all sizes and industries to join Frontline Impact Project so that, together, we can meet the moment and help as many people as possible.”

Sean Gibson, Manager of Duke University Hospital’s Trauma Center, a FIP beneficiary, echoed Johnston’s sentiment, saying, “We need everyone’s help to overcome this global health crisis, and donations such as this make a notable difference for our workers on the front lines.”

To date, Frontline Impact Project, together with its inaugural partner KIND, has donated 3.4 million products across 41 states. To get involved visit