ChocXO has expanded its U.S. presence across several locations of Wegmans Food Markets and Vons as the demand for better-for-you chocolate continues to grow. 

ChocXO's products will be available in select regions nationwide. ChocXO's increased availability primes the brand for growth in the chocolate category and the continuation of its mission to provide the best high-quality and premium chocolate experience to consumers.

The products will be on shelves in more than 100 Wegmans locations and 85 Vons locations across Southern California. ChocXO expanded the distribution of its newest Coconut Almond Butter Cups to 85 Wegman retail doors, and in Vons, ChocXO's Almond Butter Cups, Coconut Almond Snaps, and Raspberry Quinoa Snaps will be available across 58 Southern California stores.

"We are very excited about our expanded partnerships with Wegmans and Vons to bring our chocolates to even more consumers,” said Richard Foley, CEO and founder of ChocXO. “This past year, we have seen ChocXO's sales grow tremendously, and we are thrilled to see the company's retail presence expand on shelves at some of the top retail grocery stores. By the end of next year, our goal is to increase our distribution and partner with the top 15 retailers across the U.S."

ChocXO's latest line of products now available in stores will feature the brand's new packaging. ChocXO's updated packaging brings all the SKUs together under one uniform look to help grow and enhance the brand's awareness. 

Made from high cacao dark chocolate and engineered by chocolatiers, the brand currently has four core product lines: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Sea Salt Snaps, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Quinoa Snaps, and Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.