The 2016 ISM Award goes to James Walker of Walker's Shortbread.

The award was presented during a formal gala dinner and recognizes exceptional services in the sweets and snacks industry, said Bastian Fassin, chairman of the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair Task Force, during the awards ceremony.

Speechmaker Oskar Kambly of Kambly SA, Switzerland also emphasized Walker's consistent devotion to the values of his family's company. He said Walker is committed to both the company and the quality of products, and his loyalty extends to the family, employees, and sales partners in equal measure.

Walker accepted the award on behalf of his siblings, Joe and Marjorie, and all employees of the company. He also thanked their sales partners across the globe and stressed the importance of ISM as an international trading platform.

Walker's Shortbread has exhibited at ISM every year since 1977. This year, it's one of close to 1,600 exhibitors from 65 countries represented at the 46th ISM, which runs from Jan. 31 – Feb. 3 in Cologne, Germany.